Russian Go Federation, Polymetal International and SIBUR Holding invite businesspersons and players to participate in a Friendly Go match for businessmen and in the International Go tournament which is going to be held within the sports program of the IV Eastern Economic Forum. The prize fund of the tournament is 635 000 rubles (about 10 000$). However, the match for businessmen doesn’t provide a prize fund.

EEF is the largest economic forum in the region, it will bring together business people and politicians from Russia and Asia. It is the best place to present Go as the main strategic game in Asia and establish new connections between executives from Russian and Asian cities.

You can choose the participation

  • in the Main Tournament: 3 days, 6 rounds
  • in the Goodwill Business Event: 3 friendship games and AI Challenge Match, 13th of September.

The tournament will be held in the most active part of the forum – at the Far East Regions Exhibition. The exhibition is located on the embankment of the picturesque Ayaks bay. The largest industrial and infrastructural projects of the Russian Far East will be presented at the exhibition. Sakha Yakutia Republic will demonstrate an exposition of products made of mammoth. Amur Region and the tournament’s sponsor SIBUR will present a project of an Amur gas processing plant. Khabarovsk Territory will present a high-tech pavilion. In the exhibition area there will be a fish market and evening entertainment program.

The International Tournament pavilion the will be visited by the leaders of Russian business, including the Rosneft management, SIBUR and Polymetal, the leadership of the Primorsky Territory, and the Mayor of Vladivostok, as well as the head of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia. Together with the embassy, we are working on the possibility of official  China delegation to visit the International Tournament.

Vitaly Nesis
Chief Executive Officer Polymetal International
«I am honored to invite our partners and friends to the Eastern Economic Forum-2018 to the first Go tournament at the Forum.

Despite the fact that Go is the ancient game, it has a lot to teach the modern leader. It reminds a player that the purpose of winning is not destruction of the opponent at any cost, but a systematic expansion and control on the playing field. There are no kings or queens, pawns or bishops in Go like in a good team; all pieces are equal in potential and ability to act. I also see deep meaning in the fact that once a stone is placed on the Go board, it does not move again as long as it is not captured by the opponent.

I hope to welcome all of you at our event and to enjoy GO together, to share triumph and drama of playing this wonderful game».

Goodwill business Go event

The Closing Match between the representatives of leading international businesses at President’s Day, 13th of September.

Friendship games between EEF delegates and guests of the forum, among them politicians, businesspersons and public figures. Date: 11-13th of September.

Go Challenge Match AI GOLAXY vs 2 businessmen’s teams (4 members in each team) and Russian junior team (U-20). You can chose to play a team game against AI GOLAXY. There will be 2 teams with 4 seats in each team. GOLAXY is the special guest of our tournament. It is one of the strongest AI now that has beaten Chinese champion Ke Je. Date: 13th of September.

The organizers provide participants accreditation to the zone of the International Tournament, to the «Far East Street» exhibition area (green zone), and 5 accreditation packages per each county to the exhibition area of the pavilions of the largest Russian and international companies at the EEF (blue zone). You will be able to establish new contacts with Russian business representatives by inviting them to join you to play Go together in the game EEF zone.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that tournament participant accreditation doesn’t provide access to plenary sessions of the business program. In case you intend to participate in a EEF business program, you should register as a EEF participant yourself. However, we recommend you to refrain from attending the plenary meetings and business sessions, since it would interfere with participation in the program of the tournament.

All participants of EEF can receive an e-visa. We will give you more information after registration. About e-visa

Match rules (preliminary): Japanese rules;  45 minutes main time with a Canadian byo-yomi 5/15.

Vitaly Nesis
CEO Polymetal Int
Gyuli Mukhtarova
Director of dev., IT
Vitaly Radnaev
CEO, IT company
Alexander Sayapin
CEO, real estate
Nikolay Mrochkovskiy
CEO, business accelerator
Vitaliy Verkeenko
Major of Vladivostok
Lu Bin (4d) CEO of Thunisoft, President of CEGO China
Xiang Kaijin (4d) CEO of Luxin Investment Holding Group China
Zhang Xiaopeng (15k) Executive Vice President of China Science& Merchants China
Wen Huisheng (20k) Managing Partner of GENE Capital China
Pan Deng (5d) CEO of Changwei Metals Tech. Co.Ltd. China
Ge Yuhong (5d) Owner of GE Yuhong Go Academy China
Li Gang (5d) CTO of YIKE China
Li Wenfeng (5d) Director of Huadian Co. Ltd. China
Du Jingyu (6d) CEO of Guoshuo Co.Ltd. China
Li Gangyi (5d) Vice president of Xi’An Qi-yuan, founder of silk-road tournament China
Liu Zengli (3d) CEO of Xinjiang Aosheng Go Academy China
Lin Lu (5d) CEO of Tian-yi Weiqi, Director of CEGO China
Gao Hu (5d) CEO of Zhiqi Co.Ltd. China
Liang Zhijie (4d) General Manager of CEGO China
Chen Ping (3d) President of Yincheng Co.Ltd. China
Guochen Xie (6d) Analyst of Shanghai Gold Exchange China
Park Myong-soo (5d) Kookmin Bank Korea
Nam Ki-chan (5d) Elite Korea Korea
Lee Hyuk (7d) СЕО, Won-il Co Korea
Jo Doo-yun (5d) Korea Forest Welfare Institute Korea
Jo Koon-hwan (5d) Woori Accounting Corp. Accountant Korea
Song Jae-soo (3d) Korea Baduk Federation Executive Vice President Korea
Song Sok-won (5d) player Korea
Park Ae-young (2d) Former President of Korean Women’s Baduk Association Korea
Song Jae-hwan (7d) Yonsei University (student) Korea
Lee Seung-hun (6d) Yonsei University (student) Korea
Kim Sung-woong (7d) Chung-Ang University (student) Korea
Kim Hyo-jung Professional Baduk Player Korea
Jang Yong-mi (2d) player Korea
Usami Taro (6d) Nihon Kiin Japan
Eguchi Taro (5d) Komatsu Ltd. ICT Development Center Development Division Japan
Inagaki Satoshi (6d) Keio University, Law Majior 4th grade Japan
Okamura Nanako (3d) Waseda University, Cultural Initiative Faculty, grade2 Japan
Hino Rieko (5d) Osaka University, School of Allied Health Science Japan
Iwazaki Riho (1d) Kokugakuin, Department of Economics, Department of Economic Networking, 4th grade Japan
Uchiro Hitoe (5d) Yokohama IGO salon Japan
Yukumatsu Miki (4d) Osaka University, School of Science, Department of Biological Sciences Japan
Kihara Shunsuke (7d) Osaka University Japan
Verkeenko Vitaliy (19k) mayor of Vladivostok Russia
Vlasov Denis (5k) Chairman of the bar Council VladPravo Russia
Generalov Egor (8k) Head of Department «LocoTech» LLC Russia
Горячкин Аndrey (1d) Deputy CEO «Madisson» LLC Russia
Gorkov Sergey (17k) Deputy Minister of Economic Development Russian Federation Russia
Grankin Vladimir (7k) Chairman of the Board, Cauri Ltd Russia
Zatonskih Anton (5d) CEO,  Russian Business Bridge Russia
Kositskiy Iliya (15k) CEO, «Arneis Logistic» LLC Russia
Mrochkovskiy Nikolay (9k) CEO, business accelerator of educational program Captains of Russia Russia
Mukhtarova Guli (12k) Director of development, NTR Lab Russia
Nechet Andrey (12k) CEO, «JAPONICA» LLC Russia
Nesis Vitaliy (4k) CEO, Polymetal Int Russia
Omelchenko Makar (8k) Deneral Director’s Council JSC «Helicopter Avionics» Russia
Radnaev Vitaliy (5d) CEO,  «Snezhniy Bars» LLC Russia
Salykhov Dmitriy (15k) CEO, «Aleurone» LLC Russia
Sayapin Akexander (14k) CEO, «Planeta Nedvizhimosty» LLC Russia
Wang Zhijun (2d) CEO, «Shengli» LLC Russia
Chernykh Anton (6d) junior Russia
Fionin Grigoriy (7d) junior Russia
Shalneva Virginiya (4d) junior Russia
Kaimin Vyacheslav (6d) junior Russia
Surin Dmitriy (6d) player Russia
Dinershtein Alexander (7d) player Russia
Shikshin Iliya (2p) player Russia
Kalsberg Elvina (4d) player Russia
Kachanovskiy Artem (1p) player Europe
Surma Mateusz (1p) player Europe
Burnaevskiy Igor (6d) player Russia
Mitic Nikola (6d) player Europe
Lazarev Aleksey (5d) President of the Kareliya Go Federation Russia
Provisional Schedule

10 September

10:00 – … Arrival in Vladivostok
19:00 – dinner (for businessmen)

11 September

09:00 – Accreditation at EEF (FEFU Campus)
10:00 – Registration at Go Pavilion, Far East Street exhibition
10:30 – Opening Ceremony
11:00 – 1st round of the Main Tournament
11:00 – 1st game of the Goodwill Business Go Event
14:00 – Lunch
15:00 – 2nd round of the Main Tournament
15:00 – Free Programm (for businessmen)

12 September

10:00 – 3rd round of the Main Tournament
10:00 – special Programm at Far East Street exhibition (for businessmen)
13:00 – Lunch
14:30 – Presentation of WAGC 2020
15:00 – 4th round of the Main Tournament
15:00 – 2nd game of the Goodwill Business Go Event
17:00 – Free Programm at EEF

13 September (President’s Day)

10:00 – Business-breakfast «Strategic Points of Silk Way» (for businessmen)
11:10 – Official Open Ceremony of International Go Tournament
11:30 – 5th round of the Main Tournament
14:00 – Lunch
17:00 – AI Golaxy Challenge Match
17:00 – 3rd game of the Goodwill Business Go Event
18:30 – Closing Ceremony

14 September

10:00 – … Departure from Vladivostok

Main Tournament

The tournament offers 10 seats to European  participants (excluding Russia), Amateurs and Professionals, and 30 seats to Asian participants, Amateurs only. 

Applicants must be 1 dan or stronger (If the number of applicants exceeds 10, participants will be decided by the maximum EGD rating between 01 June 2017 and 01 June 2018).  All costs (except getting to Vladivostok and back) will be covered by the organizers, including accommodation (hotel double-room) and meals. It is valid only for applicants, who applied before 28th of May.

Additionally 3 players from each country (excluding Russia) will get compensation for air tickets to Vladivostok — up to 23000 RUB (about 300 Euro). 

In addition everyone can register on its own if they take the payment of all costs themselves.

Participation fee: free.

Prizes (before tax, 30%):

1st place 225.000 RUB (about $3.600)

2nd place 125.000 RUB (about $2.000)

3rd place 75.000 RUB (about $1.200)

4th place 50.000 RUB (about $800)

5th-8th place 25.000 RUB (about $400)

Best women 30.000 RUB (about $480)

Under 20 years old 30.000 RUB (about $480)

Prizes are not summarized.

Organizers and Sponsors

Russian Go Federation unites one of the biggest Go community in Europe. There are 200 tournaments in 33 cities every year in Russia. EGC-2016 in Saint Petersburg was the biggest Go congress in history. Russian Go Federation won the right to host WAGC-2020 that will be held in Vladivostok.

Roscongress Foundation — a major organizer of Eastern Economic Forum.

SIBUR Holding is the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia. The Company serves more than 1,400 large customers in the automotive, construction, consumer goods, healthcare, food, energy, chemicals and other industries in 80 countries and employs over 27,000 people.

Polymetal Int is a leading precious metals mining group operating in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia listed on the London Stock Exchange and Moscow Stock Exchange. The company is a member of FTSE 250 и FTSE Gold Mines. Polymetal has a portfolio of eight producing gold and silver mines and an impressive pipeline of future growth projects.

our contacts

If you have any questions about our events or condition of participation please write us a letter. We will be glad to see you at the International Go Tournament in Vladivostok, 11-13 of September 2018!

Natalia Kovaleva


Mikhail Emelyanov

whatsApp: +7(903)-565-84-92